A photographic collage dominated by an eagle is the image of the twentieth Fira Mediterrània

The Estudi Miquel Puig has designed the poster for the next Fira Mediterrània

The Estudi Miquel Puig has designed the poster for the next Fira Mediterrània

Comprising real images, the composition connects traditional culture, regional and traditional music, and performing arts - the cornerstones of Fira

The Barcelona-based design studio, Estudi Miquel Puig, has designed the poster for the twentieth Fira Mediterrània Manresa, which will take place from 5 to 8 October 2017. The poster consists of a photographic composition dominated by an eagle, a traditional folkloric figure from traditional festival culture in Catalonia. It also features other elements that connect the poster with a range of artistic disciplines, thus bringing together authentic traditional culture, local and traditional music and dance in one unique image. It is not every day that an event marks its twentieth anniversary, and, to highlight the significance of Fira Mediterrània this year, the most majestic figure from traditional and festival Catalan folklore will represent the image of the event.

Thumbs up to the artistic scope of Fira

The image for the twentieth Fira Mediterrània comprises a hybrid figure, portrayed in a remarkable fusion of blue and sepia, the result of a photographic collage. The head of an eagle, considered the queen of all birds, dominates the image. This regal animal inspired the most majestic of Catalonia's traditional folkloric characters, and it is one of the oldest Catalan festival figures in existence. An open accordion portrays the eagle's skirt, underneath which a pair of legs is revealed, enacting the dance steps to a traditional dance. The eagle is holding a poster with information about the twentieth Fira Mediterrània, one hand on its hip in a decisive gesture. With this composition, Miquel Puig connects traditional culture, regional and traditional music and performing arts - the cornerstones of Fira Mediterrània's artistic line-up.

Creator of the image

Miquel Puig, the creator of the image, founded his design studio in 1995. Since then, he has designed visual communication material for museums, publishing companies, a range of cultural events and more. He has received much recognition and many awards throughout his extensive career. These include: recognition for his work in designing the Festival d’Estiu de Barcelona (Summer Festival of Barcelona) 'Grec 1998' brand; the Laus Trophy 2000 for Institutional Communication; and the 'Gaudi 2002 Barcelona. International Year of Gaudi' brand, for which he was awarded the Golden Laus Trophy 2001 for Institutional Communication and the AEPD 2002 Award (Professional Design Association). At the same time, over the years, various of the design studio's projects have been selected, nominated for and named as finalists of the Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication. For ten years, Puig combined working in his design studio with teaching at the Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona.

20 years of Fira Mediterrània

To mark the twentieth anniversary of Fira Mediterrània, a stamp has been incorporated at the top of Puig's composition with a phrase that aims to promote public and professional participation: '20 years. It's your celebration too.' In the same vein, Fira’s logo, based on the Romanesque image of a dragon-fish, has been adapted to include information about the twentieth anniversary.


David Ibáñez, artistic director; Miquel Puig, designer and Anna Crespo, Councillor for Culture of the City of Manresa