David Ibáñez is the new artistic director of Fira Mediterrània



David Ibáñez, from Girona, will be the new artistic director of Fira Mediterrània for the next two years. The executive committee of Fundació Fira Mediterrània, which is responsible for selecting the most suitable person to take over the position out of twenty candidates, met today in Manresa to come to a decision. After assessing in depth all the proposals, the committee considered that the most suitable project for Fira Mediterrània of Manresa was the one put forward by David Ibáñez, a cultural manager with wide professional experience in artistic and musical programming in Girona since 1999.


David Ibáñez is graduated in Economic Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and holds a postgraduate in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona. He is currently the coordinator of Espai Marfà of the Girona City Council, which is a new team dedicated to the creation, training and assessment of modern music. He is also the external artistic director of modern music of the Girona Auditorium. He had previously worked as coordinator of Musical Activities of the Mercè Auditorium (Girona), the artistic co-director of the Festival of Worldwide Religious Music also in Girona, musical programmer of the Congress Hall Auditorium and director of Marketing and Communication in the same team.


According to the rules, some of the criteria borne in mind by the executive committee on making their decision, included the proposal of programming and professional activity planning following a deployment strategy of the artistic line of the Fira; the proposal to coordinate these artistic aspects; the proposal to extend cooperation with other fairs and institutions; the descriptive proposal of programming and professional activities, and the technical proposal to generate resources from co-production.


The clauses of the call for proposals of the artistic direction underlined programming and deployment of the artistic line of Fira Mediterrània so that this market of performances is maintained and developed as a reference of artistic quality not only in Catalonia but at international level. The rules also included other tasks, such as selecting production and co-production projects devoted to the arts emphasizing their Mediterranean roots and developing artistic lines that lead to generating new financial resources to increase and self-finance the activities of the Fira.


The specifications of the call for proposals were published on 6th February in the webpage of Fira Mediterrània and the call was open for 21 calendar days from the date following its publication up to 27th February. The appraisal of all documentation received ended on 7th March.


The executive committee of Fundació Fira Mediterrània is chaired by Lluís Puig (director of the Promotion Centre of Traditional and Folk Culture of Catalonia - –CPCPTC- of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government). The vice-president is Joan Calmet, councillor for Culture of Manresa City Council. The members are Assumpta Bermúdez (City Council), Eulàlia Jardí (CPCPTC) and Marisol López (Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies). Jordi Bertran, the managing director, also forms part of the committee.