Fira Mediterrània kicks off with the world premiere of a new project by Kep Junkera and the Argentine musician Chango Spasiuk

The Manresa fair reveals programme highlights, amongst which feature the outstanding female vocalists Rozalén and Mayte Martín. This year, Fira showcases unexpected artistic unions: Junkera and Spasiuk, Aspencat with an orchestra, Sanjosex and Carles Belda, Carles Dénia and Coetus, and Coses with Cobla Sant Jordi.

The Manresa fair reveals programme highlights, amongst which feature the outstanding female vocalists Rozalén and Mayte Martín.

This year, Fira showcases unexpected artistic unions: Junkera and Spasiuk, Aspencat with an orchestra, Sanjosex and Carles Belda, Carles Dénia and Coetus, and Coses with Cobla Sant Jordi.

Fanfare Ciocarlia, the iconic brass band from the Balkans, brings to Manresa one of the most intense musical shows of the time.

Enric Montefusco, former member of Standstill, debuts a new artistic project that fuses progressive music (Sonia Gómez, Los Corderos) with popular and traditional culture (Falcons de Barcelona).

The Catalan company that produces games for use in public areas, Tombs Creatius, premieres its latest project Xics del Xurrac, based on Catalan human towers.

Fira closes with Tempesta esvaïda, by Joaquim Serra, a lyrical comedy for orchestra, choir and soloists, in a new project based on heritage revival. 

Manresa, 9 June. The 19th Fira Mediterrània will take place from 6 to 9 October 2016 in Manresa. Based on popular, traditional culture and world music, Fira reveals the top 11 artists of the upcoming event.

Fira Mediterrània's opening show will launch the event in style with Mar de Fuelles. The show brings together the two best accordion players on the planet for the first time ever: the Basque musician Kepa Junkera and the Argentine musician Chango Spasiuk. Teatre Kursaal is set to host the world premiere of this project, which showcases two striking traditions: Basque trikitixa and South American chamamé. The production will tour Spain in the autumn, and Europe in the summer of 2017. Fira Mediterrània is the co-producer of this project, together with the Catalan promoter Escenapart.

Unexpected artistic unions

Junkera and Spasiuk are not the only unexpected artistic pairing to appear at Fira Mediterrània. This year, Fira gives special emphasis to ground-breaking initiatives both creative and stimulating. Fira's highlights include the following productions:

×         ASPENCAT with the Camerata Bacasis orchestra (Premiere in Catalonia). ASPENCAT, one of the most prolific and acclaimed bands on the Valencian scene, gives its début performance in Catalonia of Cap a la Mediterrània. In this acoustic version of their repertoire, the band is accompanied by the Bages-based string orchestra Camerata Bacasis.


×         Belda & Sanjosex present Càntut (World premiere). The latest project by Carles Belda and Carles Sanjosé (Sanjosex) was recently awarded the Teresa Rebull award, promoted by Fira and the Catalan Generalitat (regional government) Ministry of Culture. The musicians offer a contemporary take on the songs sung by their grandfathers’ generation.


×         Coetus and Carles Dénia (World premiere). Coetus, the spectacular and popular Iberian percussion ensemble, comprising 17 musicians, embarks upon a new stage of its musical career with a joint project that features the Valencian singer Carles Dénia. This singer-songwriter is without doubt one of the most talented artists on the national folk scene, and together they make a debut performance of the songs featured on their first joint album.


×         Coses and Cobla Sant Jordi. Coses, the folk-rock band featuring Miquel Estrada, Jordi Fàbregas, Ton Rulló and Joan “Juanche” Aguiar, presents a new take on songs that still have the power to connect with modernity. Performing alongside Cobla Sant Jordi – Ciutat de Barcelona, they premiere their new album, Així s’encenen al vent, at Fira.


New performing arts

Enric Montefusco brings Tata Mala, his first daring and ground-breaking performing arts project, to Fira Mediterrània. Standstill's former singer brings together an unusual and never-before-seen artistic collective: the theatre-dance group Los Corderos; the actress, choreographer and dancer Sònia Gómez; and the Falcons de Barcelona, among others. Together, they present a unique project that fuses avant-garde performing arts with popular and traditional culture. Tata Mala explores the relationship between social rituals and overcoming personal challenge. It is a co-production between Fira Mediterrània and Festival Grec.

At the same time, the specialist manufacturer of wooden games, Tombs Creatius, launches its latest project, Xics del Xurrac, a joint initiative with Fira Mediterrània. It consists of twenty wooden structures for making towers outdoors. The aim of the project is to recreate the essence of human towers in all its simplicity and wonder.

Two female vocalists: Mayte Martín and Rozalén

Mayte Martín returns to Fira Mediterrània, this time with her production A Flamenco por testigo, its premiere in Catalonia. The Catalan singer revives traditional Flamenco singing, accompanied by a unique selection of musicians, which includes the renowned Pau Figueres. At the same time, Fira also welcomes the young folk-pop singer Rozalén. Based in Albacete, and now an established music phenomenon, this vocalist will make a debut performance of her new album, Quién me ha visto, accompanied by a premier music crew and sign language interpreter.

Intense Balkan music

Fanfare Ciocarlia, one of the most acclaimed Balkan brass bands in the world, comes to Manresa on a tour that marks its 20th anniversary. This is a unique opportunity to savour the music of twelve gypsies of Romanian origin. Passing on the legacy of their ancestors, the band presents one of the most intense musical spectaculars that can be seen anywhere on stage.

Closing event celebrating a revival of cultural heritage

Lastly, Fira's closing event Tempesta Esvaïda consists of a lyrical comedy in three acts for orchestra, choir and six soloists. Following on from last year's theme, the line-up this year focuses on heritage revival. The work is by Joaquim Serra, a leading Catalan composer in the first half of the twentieth century. It includes text by the Figueres-born translator, musician and thinker Carme Montoriol. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of her death. The project features top artists, with musical direction by Diego Martin-Etxebarria, who leads the Orquestra Camera Musicae, Cor Lieder Càmera and a magnificent selection of singers, comprising some of the best current vocalists in Catalonia with international acclaim.

Tickets on sale from 5 July

Tickets go on sale for all Fira Mediterrània shows on Tuesday 5 July, at 18.00. Tickets can be purchased on the Kursaal website ( or at the box office from 18.00 to 21.00 from Tuesday to Sunday and 11.00 to 13.00 on Saturdays.