Fira Mediterrània recycles the flags used in 2011 with a sustainable and solidarity fashion company

The company RUW has 140 points of sale in several countries of the world and assigns part of its profits to NGOs

The company RUW has 140 points of sale in several countries of the world and assigns part of its profits to NGOs

Fira Mediterrània of Manresa has reached a cooperation agreement with the company RUW (sustainable fashion – solidarity fashion) to recycle the flags used in the last edition of the Manresa market. According to the agreement, Fira Mediterrània has given the 150 flags which last year displayed the dragon-fish of the 14th edition, and RUW has made them into bags to distribute through some of its 140 points of sale all over the world, such as France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Portugal and the Czech Republic. The fashion company assigns part of its profits to NGOs, while Fira also achieves international dissemination of its trademark.

The bags manufactured by RUW using the flags from Fira Mediterrània, are made in reinforced opaque PVC of 510 grams, with a dynamic and urban design and are easy to fold, as they take up very little space. The model is designed not only for students but also for working or leisure moments.

The solidarity actions of RUW

RUW, a company based in Sant Boi de Llobregat, designs, produces and markets fashion accessories using recycled materials, offering craft workshops a source of income and quality of life. It assigns a significant part of its profits to support citizens’ associations and NGOs to contribute to social and humanitarian work. In this way, it puts into practice its principles and a sustainable and solidarity corporate philosophy: commitment to the environment, to important charity projects for people and to the defence of human rights. The products offered by RUW have exclusive and unique patterns and are made following a fair and clean production process, using raw materials for reuse.

The basic principle under the RUW label is to positively contribute to society as a whole, participating in programmes, solidarity actions and initiatives in defence of human rights with various institutions and non-governmental organizations, aimed at making the world a fairer place for everyone, and also to contribute to the development of local projects that are involved in the environment and solidarity. RUW is currently collaborating with “Aldees Infantils” a charity supporting homeless children in Catalonia, with Associació EMI against domestic violence, with FAD in educational projects against drug abuse, and with Intermon Oxfam in their aid projects targeted at the most disadvantaged local communities in the world.