Attend as a professional

Attend as a professional

Fira Mediterrània Manresa is a marketplace of multidisciplinary shows rooted in popular culture and world music, encompassing visual arts, circus, dance, exhibitions, music, oral narrative and theatre. Throughout Fira’s twenty-six years, it has become an important nerve centre for industry professionals who want to buy and sell performance art.

People registered at Fira have the following benefits:

  • Access to professional activities (professional conference, project presentations, quick meetings, showcases and professional gatherings).
  • Free access to paid shows subject to ticket availability and bookings.
  • Personal area on the intranet of the Fira website with access to the contact list of registered professionals.

Different ways of participating in Fira as a professional:

  • Register as a professional attendee. Call closed
  • Register as a journalist. Call closed
  • Perform as part of the Fira programme. Call closed

Delegates Registration Costs:

  • The cost per registration is €60 and includes 2 delegates + €15 per additional delegate


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